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Family Mask supports UNGC #LeadersSummit 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Family Mask is honoured to be invited as a sponsor and an official supporting organization of United Nations Global Compact (“UNGC”) Leaders Summit 2020, where more than 20,000 sustainability-oriented champions gathered over 26 hours of continuous virtual programming to address the private sector’s response to three unprecedented and interconnected global crises - health, inequality and climate change.

United under the theme of “Recover Better, Recover Stronger, Recover Together,” the event and its globally diverse participants marked the 20th anniversary of the UN Global Compact, providing a platform of platforms where leaders from business, civil society, Governments. Echoing the Decade of Action theme, the UNGC community was challenged to reflect on the importance of collaboration and public-private partnerships and increase their ambition to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As Founder of Family Mask, Ms. Jessie Chung hosted a special session titled “Join Family Mask's Global Impact PPE Initiative”, where she shared her thoughts and experience on how to ensure sufficient medical grade PPE is delivered on an international scale through a network of global health ambassadors. Her Co-Founder, Mr. Kenneth Kwok, led a session titled “Empower LDCs to Create Sustainable PPE Supply Chains”, where he explained the ongoing work of Family Mask and Global Citizen Capital with various United Nations agencies to create long-term viable solutions without high upfront costs.

These sessions are in alignment with the presentation of our company’s core values. Family Mask was born to address the critical shortage of quality PPE for not only frontline health-care workers, but also for other segments of our community providing care to marginalized groups. One of the core missions of Family Mask is to provide surgical PPE to parties which handle the most at-risk communities that are not looked after by national healthcare systems.

We are grateful for the tremendous support all around the world, motivating us to keep moving forward during these ongoing difficult times! Today, we have reached a milestone of 1,000,000 surgical masks donated worldwide, and we look forward to supporting the wider UNGC community in the near future.

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