• Family Mask

BFE / PFE > 99%

Updated: May 5, 2020

「愛的家」取得國際級檢測機構SGS驗證,口罩通過「衛生測試」及「過濾效能」測試。大家經常留意嘅PFE(Particle Filtration Efficiency 微粒子過濾效率)、BFE(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 細菌過濾效率),我哋嘅口罩過濾效能超過99%,有效抵擋病毒。再加上「十萬級無塵車間」,確保口罩生產符合衛生,讓你安心使用。

Face Masks by "Family Mask" are certified by SGS through Bioburden testing for Microbial Cleanliness, Particle Filtration Efficiency testing, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency testing, and Differential Pressure analyses. Produced in a Class 100,000 Cleanroom and certified BFE / PFE > 99% (EN14683), our masks are 100% safe for you and your family.

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