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about us

2020 has been an unexpected rollercoaster ride for the world, with the spread of the coronavirus, panic shopping for home cleansers, sanitizers, the frantic fights for toilet paper, and of course the blood and sweat we all went through to get our hands on some face masks. We created “Family Mask” as an initiative to take care of our own people, doing what we can to keep Hong Kong safe and healthy.

who we are

Founded in February 2020, Family Mask was born to fulfil a simple mission: to end the critical shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). We are determined to make a tangible contribution and keep our home city a safe and healthy place. The core of our efforts is focused on filling the demand gap for internationally certified surgical masks in Hong Kong, so that no adult or child shall have to pay above market prices or queue in lines for hours. 

Family Mask = Because We Are Family.


our story

Solution needed

  • Steady and Ready Supply

  • Direct from Manufacturer

  • Certified Quality

  • Consistent Pricing

  • Effective Healthcare


Problems seen

  • Critical Shortage of Supply

  • Supply Chain Disruption

  • Inconsistent Quality

  • Volatile Pricing

  • Ineffective Healthcare

Our History

Get in touch today and get involved with our cause.

Dec 2019

News surrounding COVID-19 emerges.
Foresee critical surgical mask shortage.

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